Voices of Children Charitable Foundation

We are dedicated to promoting the Ukrainian culture through the power of literature. Our commitment is to not only celebrate the vibrant heritage and traditions of Ukraine but also to contribute to the healing and support of its most vulnerable—children.

We partnered up with the Voices of Children Charitable Foundation, a Ukrainian organization renowned for its tireless efforts in providing psychological and emotional support to the young lives affected by the war.

Ever since the beginning of the Russian aggression in the east of Ukraine in 2014, Olena Rozvadovska provided humanitarian aid to Donbas locals, and sought to help injured and traumatized children.

In 2019, she founded Voices of Children along with Azad Safarov, a documentary filmmaker making a film about war in the east of Ukraine.

Their mission is “no child should be left alone with the trauma of war.”

Voices of Children provides psycho-emotional relief to children affected by the war, rehabilitation of children with disabilities, and humanitarian aid to families.

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